Why reading tutors and who needs them?


We all know the very important role grades and test scores play in the success of our children these days. Let us not forget that no academic success is possible if our children have poor reading skills. Excellent reading comprehension opens up the horizons for great communication skills, concise writing abilities, success in stem, arts, politics and more.
Most kids learn reading at school, but a number of them need supplemental instruction. Unfortunately, our public schools (where most kids are getting their education foundations) are overcrowded and underfunded.

It might be hard for parents to notice their child needs help and even if they suspect that is the case most will either do nothing and wait for things to improve or try to bridge the gap by working with their child. However, the latter can backfire despite the very best intentions and result in an increase in the stress levels of both the parent and the child and even lower academic achievement.

Research has consistently shown that most kids benefit from individualized learning. A reading tutor is usually a very effective investment in the success of struggling young learners especially if tutoring starts as soon as trouble signs appear.

However, it is very important to find the right tutor for each student. Not only does the tutor need to be an expert in their subject matter but also be trained specifically to teach. Also, it is essential that there is chemistry between the tutor and the student.  That is why Freedom Tutors offers the Perfect Fit formula.

An effective reading tutor will:


  • Identify all the learning gaps to date


A good tutor of any subject will be able to accurately identify all the gaps in any learner’s knowledge. This is the most important step toward student success, because just like when you use the GPS to get to a new location,  the only way to get from a struggle to success is to first know what exactly is the current location. Only after the current location is established can the tutor create a roadmap to achieving the student’s learning goals.

Another way to think about this process is a puzzle in progress. Usually, a struggling student meets a tutor when they have some knowledge of the subject they are trying to learn; they have built some of the puzzles so to speak, but there are gaps everywhere. Unlike a puzzle, knowledge is invisible so a good tutor will use a diagnostic test to accurately identify those gaps. Then and only then can the teacher create a curriculum or strategic plan to ensure the student’s success.  



  • Provide timely feedback


One of the biggest advantages of in-person tutoring especially if it is one on one is the immediate feedback that the tutor is able to provide to the student.

The tutor is able to intervene immediately if the student is not clear on a given concept and also make sure that the student has mastered all the concepts taught. That way progress is assured. Most students who get behind or even lost in a classroom do so because they are unable to get timely feedback and consequently corrective action by their teachers.


  • Create a positive and supportive learning environment


A large number of students especially younger ones get intimidated and feel inadequate because of intense and super competitive learning environments at school and sometimes intense pressure at home. A good tutor structures the instruction time in such a way that the student is put at ease and is relaxed therefore receptive to learning.


  • Decrease frustration


If you have tried learning anything new, you understand how frustrating it can be when hitting a brick wall so to speak. This frustration leads younger learners to completely give up and further fall behind. A good reading tutor can help get the student back on the learning track without accumulating additional gaps in their knowledge by explaining difficult concepts, providing feedback, making sure that the student has understood and mastered all the difficult material before moving on.


  • Improve grades  and do better on tests


It is no secret that most school-aged children start working with a reading tutor because they and/or their parents are not happy with their current grades or they are preparing to take a test. Investing in a good tutor has been proven over and over again to be the best way to improve grades and test results.


  • Enhance interpersonal skills


Even just the fact that a student meets with a tutor by itself enhances the student's interpersonal skills just by virtue of this being a semi-formal situation where the student needs to adapt but does so in a very supportive environment.  However, reading tutors help their students a lot more than any other specialty because of the subject matter they cover. Reading tutors don’t just teach vocabulary, grammar and text comprehension to their students, but most importantly, they enhance a student's overall skill set which leads to better interpersonal skills.

Reading is one of the education foundation skills that all our children need.

If your child needs help reach out to one of our dedicated reading tutors link.

You can also post a question in our knowledge cafe or place a mentor request and will do our best to match you with a handpicked mentor to help you guide your child to success.

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